Prof. Dr. Peter A. Henning, Hochschule Karlsruhe

Mobile Learning in Nature – a field guide to plants as smartphone application (Präsentationsfolien)

Individual responsibility for the biological environment is often hindered by the lack of knowledge. The system we propose provides an easy-to-use smartphone application as a frontend, which allows the user to connect with a semantic  backend. This backend translates the incoming user-generated information into queries to a semantically rich database (a Semantic Media Wiki).  A specimen is therefore decribed by its biological attributes – and these help to identify the species unambigously.

Preliminary observation shows, that such a system yields great enthusiasm in students at all school levels – but is also useful as a tourist guide.The talk describes the client-server system, the semantic setup and demonstrates its usage. In a concluding outlook it is also shown, that such a system may be adopted to any kind of semantically rich content and therefore serves as template for a large number of possible applications.


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